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In Pastor Steve Turner’s Autobiography, ‘The Other Pulpit’, Life Does Have A Purpose

In his new Christian autobiography,  ‘The Other Pulpit: Life Lessons of a Leader!’ Pastor Steven Turner chronicles purpose, praise, biblical and business principles, love, laughter, overcoming challenges, and never giving up. Pastor Steve writes with purpose - to set free and inspire others about the power of forgiveness. His personal story is a riveting, powerful, and often humorous look into the life of an only child, artist, minister, and entrepreneur.

‘The Other Pulpit!’ is a thought-provoking story of inspiration and determination of a single mother whose teaching Godly and practical wisdom in unforgettable life lessons. Pastor Steve Turner is the product of Faith, raised in a single family home back in the 1960's, and trained in music and business by his talented and anointed Mother, Min. of Music A.M. Turner. Challenged by education, racial prejudice, poverty and religious judging, his mother presses on for the purpose of offering her son to the Work of God. As Pastor Steve’s story unfolds, he provides important life lessons which includes encouraging readers to never give up in the face of adversity, hardships, rejections, and slow growth. Stay with God ! Stay in the dream / vision that God has destined for your life. Instead of standing behind a pulpit, become the pulpit, whether it be in business, community or the church.

‘The Other Pulpit!’ is reminiscent of it's Author - short, powerful, relevant, radical, and intriguing. Pastor Steve combines a unique writing style of photographic memorization for details, surprising humor, and theological wisdom, all wrapped up in a presentation that penetrates both the mind and spirit

About Pastor Steve Turner

Pastor Steve Turner is the Founder of Destiny Changers Deliverance Center, Inc. a new ministry that concentrates on the unloved, undesired & unappreciated. Pastor Steve got his start singing Gospel music on his Mother's choir, and as she dreamed, became it's "Minister of Music" the final 7 years of its existence. He has served his country, he served his State & City as a public servant, law enforcement professional, sales & marketing representative, trailblazer in administering creative ideas for promoting God's Kingdom.  For the past 20 years, Pastor Steve has pioneered an "On-Call" Gospel music service to the Faith communities in Maryland, Washington, D.C. & Virginia entitled : "Praise Unlimited Ministries, Inc." which has provided musicians to churches and community events due to scheduling emergencies.

Pastor Steve created "Steven Turner Ministries, Inc." to present the other side of his ministerial calling to the world. He is a "Writing Prophet" having written articles for local Christian & Community publications such as: "The Urban Star", Hallelujah Music Magazine and the iconic DMV "Power Magazine", where he became it's 1st. Music Columnist showcasing local, regional unsigned Gospel talent. As a Christian Thespian actor, Pastor Steve served for 4 years as the Lead Characters in the Gospel Stage production of..."Dis-chord In the Choir !", a Gospel musical & comedy. He played Dr. Madison, a 75 yr. old Minister of Music and Dr. T.M. Walker, a nefarious, sinister "Minister of Music" from the south who literally steals the show to the roof-shaking laughter of the audience.

Pastor Steve was the Executive Producer; Host of several weekly Christian talk shows that featured both unsigned & national talent, clergy, businessmen, women entrepreneurs and very edgy topics. He wrote his own radio commercials, did his own 'Voice-Overs" and introduced original music as the "Music Bed" (Background Music). He incorporates these literary gifts into his 1st autobiography. Pastor Steve resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

You can learn more about Pastor Steve Turner by visiting The Other Pulpit Website and his Facebook Page

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Built To Order


L.A. Noble’s novel, “Built To Order” is her second mystery novel and a continuation of her first novel, “About Time Already." Set in the town of Blessignton, Illinois, crime solvers Max and Michelle find themselves trying to solve a new murder mystery.

“Built To Order” is about the murder of Brandy, a 30 year old identical twin, and her sister Amber who finds herself in hiding after she learns of her twin sister’s murder. Although Brandy and Amber are identical twins, they have completely different personalities which resulted in a contentious relationship since high school, and particularly, the death of their parents.Amber is a more focused, grounded, and practical person, while Brandy is a reckless, flamboyant, and highly sexual person. While Amber is in hiding because she thinks she may be the next target, she tries to figure out why Brandy was murdered, and with Max and Michelle on the case, the story that unfolds is one of uncovering secrets about Brandy’s past, a list of suspects with their own secrets, and a series of twists and turns involving lies, deception, murder, assault, and infidelity.

The plot of “Built To Order” successfully connects a diverse suspect list made up of a cast of colorful characters. A comical subplot of the story involves Max’s mother and her twin sister’s investigation into whether Max’s aunt’s boyfriend, Gus, is cheating on her. L.A. Noble successfully connects key characters and subplots to create an easy to follow story. Right up to the end, readers will be asking - Who Dunnit? The story with its colorful characters add to the mystery and suspense. Readers will be surprised by the many unexpected events and revelations that occur, making it a real page-turner.

“ Built To Order” is a fun mystery and suspense novel that contains all of the elements that make a good mystery. I enjoyed following the relationships between the twins. I also enjoyed how each suspect’s story plays a critical role in the search to reveal Brandy’s murderer. “Built To Order” is not just an entertaining mystery, but the many issues and themes such as: trust, twin sisters and their unique relationship, sexuality, infidelity, and issues with body image, makes the story even more engaging. I highly recommend “Built To Order” as a well-plotted exciting mystery with a diverse colorful cast of characters.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Cheat Like a Man

In his book, ‘How to Cheat like a Man,’ Paulo Rossi provides a self-help instructional guide on how women can have an affair without anyone ever finding out. The guide is intended for married women or women in a long term relationship. Told from a male perspective, Rossi uses his experience cheating on a former girlfriend as well as true stories of women who have engaged in infidelity. Rossi uses his applied analytical skills as an aerospace engineer to deliver 9 Golden Rules on how to cheat without getting caught. He explains that the purpose of the book is not to promote infidelity or even address any social, ethical, moral, or psychological issues about infidelity, but to provide women who want to protect their marriages with the tools and knowledge to have an affair to fill a sexual need they are not getting in their marriage or relationship.

 Rossi structures the book like a business plan with the 9 Golden Rules that must be followed to achieve success. The rules are designed to the eliminate risk of getting caught. He emphasizes the need for women to remove emotion from the objective. Much like men who cheat, women need to understand that the purpose of the affair is to attain physical gratification and self gratification. Emotions should not be included if they want to maintain their marriage and family. ‘How to Cheat Like a Man’ is analytical in nature emphasizing that women must learn to compartmentalize like men and view the cheating experience as fulfilling a physical need, and not to have a relationship. The guide focuses on staying emotionally disconnected, controlling impulses, and setting aside natural tendencies to bring in emotions. The 9 Golden rules are much like a training manual that must be studied and practiced in order to become a successful cheater.

 ‘How to Cheat like a Man’ is not about marriages or the implications of cheating. It is about attaining self gratification and self satisfaction without compromising marriage and family.
 It is a straightforward no nonsense guide that delivers what the title promises. It is not personal or emotional - it is business. Readers will come away with a better understanding about how men cheat and get away with it and women can also cheat and get away with it if they stick to the 9 Golden Rules. It does show that cheating properly takes a lot of work. It is like learning a new skill. As well, if you want to cheat successfully, you have to be up to the challenge in order to make sure your marriage and family stay untouched by the experience. It takes a lot of work, planning, and sticking to the rules to achieve the desired results. It also gives a better explanation about what it means to cheat. It is not about love, emotions, companionship, or relationships. It is all about immediate gratification and nothing more. ‘How to Cheat like a Man’ will teach you how to cheat successfully. So, if you are up to the challenge, read this book.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Vanishing of Divas

In his novel, ‘A Vanishing of Divas,’ Larry Long tells a mystery and suspense story about Kurt McBride, a lawyer who becomes more of a detective when he is hired by a wealthy socialite to protect her from an ominous person who is abducting her sorority sisters from North Western University of which she attended in the 1960s. For Kurt McBride, the events that unfold involve a suspenseful plot consisting of murder, black mail, kidnapping, and the sex slave trade.

In ‘Vanishing of Divas,’ the protagonist Kurt McBride is hired by socialite Carolie Safford from Tucson Arizona to protect her and find the person who is abducting her former sorority sisters. She feels threatened from a letter she received expressing intent on revenge. For McBride, the case becomes personal when he learns of his girlfriend’s death resulting from a car explosion.  Kurt McBride is a man who once dreamed of being a famous world class lawyer and become a member of the upper class of society. He wanted fame, wealth, and recognition. His journey to uncover the case of the missing divas causes him to reflect on his past ambitions, losses in life, his values, and what is important in life. He is a character with unresolved demons in his own past and undergoes a personal transformation as he faces the many dangers when searching for the person responsible for his girlfriend Clem’s death.

The plot of the story can be described as a “Who Dunnit?” It is filled with many twists and turns with diverse characters that range from divas with deep secrets, ominous characters, and ruthless characters. The result is a cast of colorful characters that make uncovering the truth a challenge for McBride and the reader. ‘Vanishing of Divas’ is an engaging page turner with unexpected events that will keep readers asking, who dunnit? It is a fun read with a surprising climatic conclusion. The book is highly recommended to readers who enjoy a good ‘who dunnit’ mystery.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Second Chance

‘Second Chance’ is a collaboration effort between Professor Daryl Green and his student Noriko Chapman during their time together in Lincoln Memorial University’s Master of Business Administration program. The book details an in-depth case study on a specific non profit organization’s resource allocation and operational optimization. It is written to provide non profit organizations with essential operational tools to make them more efficient and equipped to assist their clients in meeting their needs.

The case study featured in ‘Second Chance’ arose from Professor’s Green’s MBA operational analysis class and a project called the Real World Applications (RWA). The subject of the study involved the Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation Maryville Centre which took place from October 10th to November 30th 2010. The Maryville Centre supports area businesses by providing quality, timely, and cost-effective services by a dedicated work force.

The key issue of the study was how to establish high quality and stable production to maintain and grow business for the centre while providing recommendations to enhance the center’s operational efficiency in order to better serve clients and control effectiveness over the long term.  An emphasis is placed on the production capacity, client allocation, productivity improvements, and quality control. Various operational challenges, operational constraints, and opportunities found in problems are addressed. In addition, there is a focus on leadership, how to gain the confidence to navigate operations management, and how to apply concepts put forth in the book to resolve non profit problems and issues. 

‘Second Chance’ provides a comprehensive examination of the process of implementing a case study, how issues and problems were identified, and the benefits of applying operations management techniques to assist a non profit organization with becoming more efficient and effective. The case study itself is more than structural step-by-step process of business analysis because within the study, there are messages about the importance of non profits in our society, and it was also a personally meaningful project for Noriko who describes her experience when she was diagnosed with cancer. There is a spiritual message of gaining self confidence, overcoming adversity, and helping those in distress. The parallels of non profit work and personal self awareness are apparent - “…finding the true meaning of life for those who have suffered a traumatic event is a ‘Second Chance.’”

I highly recommend ‘Second Chance’ for anyone running a non profit as well as for business students. The book not only provides a comprehensive analysis of making a non profit more efficient and effective, but readers will be provided with compelling life affirming messages.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life

In his book, ‘Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life,’ Mitchell Gibson provides a self-help guide that consists of nine insights on how a person can change a life of sadness, emotional suffering and unhappiness, to a life that is filled with happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. He notes that the nine insights for a happy and successful life were inspired by his personal experiences and insights he acquired treating patients and stored in a journal. Gibson states in his book that he “hopes to provide a little light in a world in which millions feel isolated, empty, and without hope.” and “the nine insights come from the Creator and he believes they are His way of reminding each of us that we are unique and special to Him in ways that we cannot imagine.”

In ‘Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life,’ Gibson addresses such issues as our belief that money is the key to happiness, how events outside of our control will cause chaos in our lives if we allow it, how we have a tendency to not recognize the possibilities, and how our thoughts affect our outlook on life. He shows readers the path to a happy and fulfilled life through an analysis of techniques that focus on channeling positive energy internally and how to keep positive energy in our environment. This includes adjusting our attitude, how to assess, develop, and exploit the necessary skills to improve our lives, how our dreams can be a source of inspiration, and understanding that failure is about applying what we learned to make better decisions in the future. He shows readers the power of the open mind and how rejecting negative thoughts and accepting positive thoughts are essential to achieving happiness. A fundamental message of the book is learning to understand how our energies, whether positive or negative, influence our state of emotional well being.

For those who have been living in a cycle of negativity that has resulted in sadness, despair, and depression, ‘Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life is a must-read.’ It is presented in a thoughtful, reflective, and organized way so that readers will be able to gain an understanding about how thoughts affect our well being and that we have the power to gain control of our thoughts to break free of the unconscious conditioning of always focusing on the negative. The book is very insightful and readers will learn how develop important skills on how to get in touch with their true inner selves to make important changes both internally and externally so that they can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Media Planning and Buying For the 21st Century

Because new technologies are creating better ways to communicate, marketing and media are rapidly changing. Now, there are an immense number of media choices available to media planners, particularly in digital form. In his book, ‘Media Planning and Buying For the 21st Century,’ Ron Geskey provides a comprehensive guide for students and professionals on how to implement a strategic media planning and buying strategy in this new age of digital medium and how to best execute an integrated marketing campaign.

The book covers three key media planning areas that media planners need to embrace. The first part of book focuses on the mega-trends which are reshaping the marketplace-- population & demographic trends, client needs and demands, new media and technology, media convergence, and consumers taking control. The second part of book discusses the specific factors which must be analyzed and considered before a strategic media plan can be developed. The third part discusses the step by step process of actually developing a professional media strategy and plan.

Geskey explains that the role of the media planner has shifted from media to marketing communications planning that requires engagement, accountability, ROI, and optimization. He proclaims the internet as the great equalizer which basically levels the marketing field for all businesses. As well, he emphasizes the need to experiment with new media to increase effectiveness. He says that media planners must focus on learning by doing and by actually engaging the material. He says “media planning is a blend of art and science so the media and the creative must work together.”

Geskey provides a road map for accomplishing a professional media plan so that the reader can learn to incorporate media planning and buying to 21st century trends. This includes learning about media negotiation and buying. He addresses the strategies and challenges of effective media buying and the nature of media negotiations. He explains the importance of metrics and analytics in creating a media plan. He goes into great detail about creating an effective media plan using data from key sources that require calculating metrics for analyses and the various analytic tools and mathematical formulas that data marketing planners have at their disposal to expose the target audience to the campaign. The ultimate goal is to influence consumer purchasing decisions. He notes, “medium effectiveness is perhaps the most important variable when selecting the right media set of data.” 

‘Media Planning and Buying For the 21st Century’ delivers the important message that consumers are gaining more control over their access to product information and media consumption and media planners must respond using marketing communication methods that are both proactive and adaptive. Geskey effectively and in great detail shows readers how to get a high ROI from their marketing investments. Essential to success is leveraging the power of the internet and how to best influence consumer generated content on purchasing decisions. When used properly, social media becomes a powerful marketing communications tool.

‘Media Planning and Buying For the 21st Century’ is a highly recommended media planning and buying guide that will provide students and business professionals with the knowledge and tools to grow and adapt to the changing consumer landscape, particularly the digital landscape.  Readers will not only gain critical insight into the various marketing media available, but how and where to best invest their media buying dollars to gain a higher ROI. The book is a must read for anyone currently in the marketing business and for those who are planning a career in media planning.

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