Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Cheat Like a Man

In his book, ‘How to Cheat like a Man,’ Paulo Rossi provides a self-help instructional guide on how women can have an affair without anyone ever finding out. The guide is intended for married women or women in a long term relationship. Told from a male perspective, Rossi uses his experience cheating on a former girlfriend as well as true stories of women who have engaged in infidelity. Rossi uses his applied analytical skills as an aerospace engineer to deliver 9 Golden Rules on how to cheat without getting caught. He explains that the purpose of the book is not to promote infidelity or even address any social, ethical, moral, or psychological issues about infidelity, but to provide women who want to protect their marriages with the tools and knowledge to have an affair to fill a sexual need they are not getting in their marriage or relationship.

 Rossi structures the book like a business plan with the 9 Golden Rules that must be followed to achieve success. The rules are designed to the eliminate risk of getting caught. He emphasizes the need for women to remove emotion from the objective. Much like men who cheat, women need to understand that the purpose of the affair is to attain physical gratification and self gratification. Emotions should not be included if they want to maintain their marriage and family. ‘How to Cheat Like a Man’ is analytical in nature emphasizing that women must learn to compartmentalize like men and view the cheating experience as fulfilling a physical need, and not to have a relationship. The guide focuses on staying emotionally disconnected, controlling impulses, and setting aside natural tendencies to bring in emotions. The 9 Golden rules are much like a training manual that must be studied and practiced in order to become a successful cheater.

 ‘How to Cheat like a Man’ is not about marriages or the implications of cheating. It is about attaining self gratification and self satisfaction without compromising marriage and family.
 It is a straightforward no nonsense guide that delivers what the title promises. It is not personal or emotional - it is business. Readers will come away with a better understanding about how men cheat and get away with it and women can also cheat and get away with it if they stick to the 9 Golden Rules. It does show that cheating properly takes a lot of work. It is like learning a new skill. As well, if you want to cheat successfully, you have to be up to the challenge in order to make sure your marriage and family stay untouched by the experience. It takes a lot of work, planning, and sticking to the rules to achieve the desired results. It also gives a better explanation about what it means to cheat. It is not about love, emotions, companionship, or relationships. It is all about immediate gratification and nothing more. ‘How to Cheat like a Man’ will teach you how to cheat successfully. So, if you are up to the challenge, read this book.

 Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services