Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life

In his book, ‘Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life,’ Mitchell Gibson provides a self-help guide that consists of nine insights on how a person can change a life of sadness, emotional suffering and unhappiness, to a life that is filled with happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. He notes that the nine insights for a happy and successful life were inspired by his personal experiences and insights he acquired treating patients and stored in a journal. Gibson states in his book that he “hopes to provide a little light in a world in which millions feel isolated, empty, and without hope.” and “the nine insights come from the Creator and he believes they are His way of reminding each of us that we are unique and special to Him in ways that we cannot imagine.”

In ‘Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life,’ Gibson addresses such issues as our belief that money is the key to happiness, how events outside of our control will cause chaos in our lives if we allow it, how we have a tendency to not recognize the possibilities, and how our thoughts affect our outlook on life. He shows readers the path to a happy and fulfilled life through an analysis of techniques that focus on channeling positive energy internally and how to keep positive energy in our environment. This includes adjusting our attitude, how to assess, develop, and exploit the necessary skills to improve our lives, how our dreams can be a source of inspiration, and understanding that failure is about applying what we learned to make better decisions in the future. He shows readers the power of the open mind and how rejecting negative thoughts and accepting positive thoughts are essential to achieving happiness. A fundamental message of the book is learning to understand how our energies, whether positive or negative, influence our state of emotional well being.

For those who have been living in a cycle of negativity that has resulted in sadness, despair, and depression, ‘Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life is a must-read.’ It is presented in a thoughtful, reflective, and organized way so that readers will be able to gain an understanding about how thoughts affect our well being and that we have the power to gain control of our thoughts to break free of the unconscious conditioning of always focusing on the negative. The book is very insightful and readers will learn how develop important skills on how to get in touch with their true inner selves to make important changes both internally and externally so that they can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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