Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Christian Health Manual

In Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi's 'The Christian Health Manual,' a comprehensive guide on common health conditions is presented which is, as he states, “largely for the Christian reader.” Told from a Christian perspective, Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi advocates a lifestyle that prevents disease which includes practicing a Christian lifestyle. Although Christian teachings are emphasized, he also focuses on medical science for treating diseases and other health conditions.

The purpose of the book is to “educate Christians and public at large to prevent and treat some of the common diseases while providing readers with a broad knowledge about the causes and treatment of the common diseases that affect humanity.” In the manual, Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi emphasizes the power of prayer as an important part of preventing disease as much as living a healthy lifestyle and having the right mental attitude. He contends, “uncontrollable human illness equates with uncontrollable human behavior that is good for nothing.” He provides passages from the bible to support adopting a healthy mind and body.

Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi talks about ‘Divine Replacement Therapy' and states that “prayer and conventional medical science do not contravene each other.” As well, he traces the root cause of disorders back to the fall of mankind in Eden.  That is, “disease, suffering, and death came into the world as a result of the curse pronounced on Adam and Eve after disobeying God.” When discussing prevention through godly living, he emphasizes the negative effects of drugs, alcohol, smoking, and promiscuity. For instance, he says “we must, indeed, guard against sinful tendencies, for, like cancer cells, sin can spread in an uncontrollable fashion.” Not only does he discuss the importance of living a Christian life, but he also focuses the medical aspects of many common medical conditions and outlines their cause, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and how to avoid the triggers that cause the conditions.

For readers who are devout Christians, 'The Christian Health Manual,' is practical health guide that teaches readers how to employ their faith to promote a healthy mind and body. Readers will enjoy reading his anecdotes about his life in a rural Ghanaian village. It is an easy to read health manual that is both practical and informative. When he talks about disease, he talks about how it is essential that one maintains a pure mind and body and how such social factors as family break down, conflict, poverty, and underdevelopment, can cause disease. 'The Christian Health Manual' will be appreciated and enjoyed by Christians who are seeking a healthier spiritual, physical, and mental life.

Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Chants of the Praying Mantises through the Barks

‘The Chants of the Praying Mantises through the Barks’, a new educational book for children, written by May Green, tells about two young praying mantises, Orwell and Ruben, who attend the acclaimed Tulip School. At the school, they study under Oscar, who is also a praying mantis, but he is also a Professor. While at school, the two brothers realize they are students. They learn about their function and their position and the positions of other related species in the natural world, how their traits are the product of evolution and how their character in the world has interesting similarities to that of human evolution and progress.

Humans have the ability to be constructive and reconstruct, if necessary, in order to survive, while remaining in touch with their own instincts. Another key message of the book is that survival skills are of the utmost importance, whereby civil and constructive means are, always at hand, if chosen to implement. Furthermore, one point made clear, is that humans seek out goodness, in spite of threats, and they attempt ‘reconciliation’ if foreseeable. However, humans appear to resort to sadism when diplomatic ties fall short, which they must learn to adjust or they will fall behind in the very progress they attempt to make. As the story proceeds to unfold, how our very maintenance structures play a vital role is illustrated in this process and what we choose to do pertaining, matters to the paramount.

The term ‘praying mantis’ originates from the Greek word ‘prophecy or soothsayer’, which accentuates the essence of the story. The story centers on constructive and evolutionary development; where the following concept surfaces: we all have the ability to guide and lead ourselves in spite of any and whatever impositions we encounter. This serves as the fundamental theme of the story.

The praying mantises learn their vital skills in order to ensure their survival. Instincts and traits are linked to their species survival in tandem with two human children, Olive and Oliver. The story focuses on themes of science, human thought, cognition, intellectual reasoning, and societal conditioning which often hinder the ability to grow intellectually and autonomously. For instance, Olive and Oliver were told they must train in something in order to survive in hope to nourish and live a long life. Oliver challenges that thought and chooses not to train in important and vital ways for himself. Whereas, and on the other hand, Olive definitely realized through training, she needed to determine her own self, rather than, lend herself to another's disposal, and develops from an inquisitive child with great aspirations to a more self-aware adult, which emphasizes a type of evolutionary growth that we all can have.

‘The Chants of the Praying Mantises through the Barks,’ is a learning story presented as a children's story which has allowed for a presentation of a unique look at humanity that is easy to understand. As well, the story is entertaining with unique praying mantis students who have a strong desire to learn about the world and all the species that inhabit it. Moreover, it is a book that imparts an interesting insight into our own natural instincts and how these instincts are not just to ensure survival of each species, but also allows us to grow intellectually and make better life choices without feeling the pressure of external influences who want to define our place and purpose in the world. It is filled with symbolism and dialogue that children of about the ages of nine to twelve will be able to follow and understand.

‘The Chants of the Praying Mantises through the Barks,’ is highly recommended as a very thought provoking story with colorful characters. It is a story that children will enjoy reading.

Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services