Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Vanishing of Divas

In his novel, ‘A Vanishing of Divas,’ Larry Long tells a mystery and suspense story about Kurt McBride, a lawyer who becomes more of a detective when he is hired by a wealthy socialite to protect her from an ominous person who is abducting her sorority sisters from North Western University of which she attended in the 1960s. For Kurt McBride, the events that unfold involve a suspenseful plot consisting of murder, black mail, kidnapping, and the sex slave trade.

In ‘Vanishing of Divas,’ the protagonist Kurt McBride is hired by socialite Carolie Safford from Tucson Arizona to protect her and find the person who is abducting her former sorority sisters. She feels threatened from a letter she received expressing intent on revenge. For McBride, the case becomes personal when he learns of his girlfriend’s death resulting from a car explosion.  Kurt McBride is a man who once dreamed of being a famous world class lawyer and become a member of the upper class of society. He wanted fame, wealth, and recognition. His journey to uncover the case of the missing divas causes him to reflect on his past ambitions, losses in life, his values, and what is important in life. He is a character with unresolved demons in his own past and undergoes a personal transformation as he faces the many dangers when searching for the person responsible for his girlfriend Clem’s death.

The plot of the story can be described as a “Who Dunnit?” It is filled with many twists and turns with diverse characters that range from divas with deep secrets, ominous characters, and ruthless characters. The result is a cast of colorful characters that make uncovering the truth a challenge for McBride and the reader. ‘Vanishing of Divas’ is an engaging page turner with unexpected events that will keep readers asking, who dunnit? It is a fun read with a surprising climatic conclusion. The book is highly recommended to readers who enjoy a good ‘who dunnit’ mystery.

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