Thursday, December 06, 2012

Built To Order


L.A. Noble’s novel, “Built To Order” is her second mystery novel and a continuation of her first novel, “About Time Already." Set in the town of Blessignton, Illinois, crime solvers Max and Michelle find themselves trying to solve a new murder mystery.

“Built To Order” is about the murder of Brandy, a 30 year old identical twin, and her sister Amber who finds herself in hiding after she learns of her twin sister’s murder. Although Brandy and Amber are identical twins, they have completely different personalities which resulted in a contentious relationship since high school, and particularly, the death of their parents.Amber is a more focused, grounded, and practical person, while Brandy is a reckless, flamboyant, and highly sexual person. While Amber is in hiding because she thinks she may be the next target, she tries to figure out why Brandy was murdered, and with Max and Michelle on the case, the story that unfolds is one of uncovering secrets about Brandy’s past, a list of suspects with their own secrets, and a series of twists and turns involving lies, deception, murder, assault, and infidelity.

The plot of “Built To Order” successfully connects a diverse suspect list made up of a cast of colorful characters. A comical subplot of the story involves Max’s mother and her twin sister’s investigation into whether Max’s aunt’s boyfriend, Gus, is cheating on her. L.A. Noble successfully connects key characters and subplots to create an easy to follow story. Right up to the end, readers will be asking - Who Dunnit? The story with its colorful characters add to the mystery and suspense. Readers will be surprised by the many unexpected events and revelations that occur, making it a real page-turner.

“ Built To Order” is a fun mystery and suspense novel that contains all of the elements that make a good mystery. I enjoyed following the relationships between the twins. I also enjoyed how each suspect’s story plays a critical role in the search to reveal Brandy’s murderer. “Built To Order” is not just an entertaining mystery, but the many issues and themes such as: trust, twin sisters and their unique relationship, sexuality, infidelity, and issues with body image, makes the story even more engaging. I highly recommend “Built To Order” as a well-plotted exciting mystery with a diverse colorful cast of characters.

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