Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Publishing for Professionals: Nine Proven Steps for Gaining More Influence

With the rapid growth of the internet, there are now many opportunities for people who have the knowledge and expertise to write, particularly writing and publishing books. However, Dr. Daryl D. Green points out in his workbook, ‘Book Publishing for Professionals: Nine proven Steps for Gaining More Influence,’ many do not know how to do it.” Dr. Green provides a manual for professionals and those interested in becoming published authors on how to gain influence though book publishing. Green presents easy-to-implement strategies as well as practical guidelines, and resources to help readers gain more influence and help them achieve their publishing goals.

In his workbook, a comprehensive entrepreneurial publishing model is presented that emphasizes not only the importance of gaining influence to become a successful published author, but he also emphasizes that “gaining influence is critical to achieving any substantial success in life.” He provides helpful tips on writing a book and the various ways to get published other than the major book publishers. He provides a comparison of the different publishing options, including the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of self publishing and using publishing portals. As well, he dispels myths about self publishing such as the “false stigma - a self published author's book is not good enough to be published”

In his workbook, readers will gain a critical insight into the publishing process. The author provides essential information to help readers create an effective book publishing plan that includes coming up with topics for a book, writing tips, choosing a publishing option, and how to build an author platform that will enable people to sell their book, and key book promoting tips. The book is not filled with ‘fluff’ as Green writes with clarity and preciseness to ensure his points are well understood by the reader. As well, readers will benefit from the helpful publishing sources provided and the work space provided to make their own notes and even create their own publishing model for their book publishing endeavors. Dr. Green shares over 20 years experience in a well written and organized manual that will make the process of publishing a book much easier and help increase the likelihood of publishing success. ‘Book Publishing for Professionals: Nine proven Steps for Gaining More Influence’ is highly recommended to readers who are want learn how to properly write a book, publish it, and promote it successfully.

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