Friday, December 18, 2009


In his book, ‘Winter,’ Maneesh Sharma tells an exciting adventure story filled with international mystery and suspense. It is a tale of one man’s obsession with an ominous and elusive being with a dark fixation for murder and stealing priceless historical paintings.

Alexander is a former scientist living in Chicago who left his job to become an art collector and manage an art gallery with his girlfriend Alexia. He is hired by the Vatican to retrieve a stolen painting from a mysterious man by the name of Winter. His pursuit of Winter leads him on an International hunt in such countries as England, Italy, and the United States. Winter is a mysterious creature disguised as a man who has eerie magical abilities that allows him to manipulate one’s thoughts and behavior. Alexander becomes fascinated with Winter’s magical abilities and horrified at his thirst to kill. Winter is a narcissistic creature that has been roaming the world and preying on innocence for centuries. The sadistic enjoyment he gets from his relationship with Alexander results in an obsessive need to have Alexander as a balance to his own existence.

‘Winter’ is an action packed adventure story that delves into the true nature of Man. Such themes that emerge include: nature of evil, love, the primal instincts of humanity, greed, selfishness, and our internal struggle to suppress our primitive genetic traits. Much of Alexander’s character development centers on his curiosity with the unexplained such as Winter’s magical powder as well as Alexander’s struggle to make sense of what Winter represents. As Alexander develops, the distinction between him and Winter becomes blurred, and as his obsession becomes realized, readers will be surprised by the results.

The narrative contained a few instances of clichés, however overall, it was well written. The plot of the story along with Winter’s and Alexander’s obsession with one another makes the book a very entertaining read. As well, the plot contains a lot of action and deadly confrontations. The story is a tale about the nature of Man’s true self and Man's propensity towards embracing his basic primal instincts. I highly recommend ‘Winter’ to readers who enjoy mystery and adventure wrapped in international intrigue.

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