Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ten Statements: The 10 Success Recipes for Romantic Relationships

We are now living in a society where the divorce rate is beginning to outnumber the marriage rate. This trend has resulted in exploring why so many people are having problems maintaining a long term relationship. In his book, ‘Ten Statements, The 10 Success Recipes for Romantic Relationships’ Author, Philosopher, and Motivational Speaker, JL Shash, presents an analysis of relationships and a self-help guide on how to obtain and maintain a successful relationship.

In ‘Ten Statements,’ Shash provides 10 statements to relationship success that involves a step-by-step process of understanding the meaning of relationships that involves identifying and explaining what love is, understanding and defining what one’s needs are, identifying and explaining what love isn’t, and finally learning what it means to love ourselves first before we can love another.

Shash provides a no-nonsense, practical, and logical approach on how we understand relationships. Shash points to the importance of romance, but identifies how romance can often overshadow the practical elements that go into finding and building a solid relationship. He debunks many myths about what our expectations are about relationships and clarifies the meaning of love and how it has been misconstrued, resulting in unrealistic expectations. The goal is to help people make informed decisions regarding their relationships.

Fundamental themes include: helping readers engage in self reflection about their expectations, how society puts pressure on us to marry, and the need to develop such attributes as self-love and self-esteem before we can have a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship. As Shash states, “We must know who we are and what we stand for.” His moral commentary at the end of each of the 10 statements puts each chapter into a unique philosophical perspective.

Shash’s book provides clarity in an often confusing topic. Well-written, with a number of witty anecdotes, ‘Ten Statements’ is highly recommended to those seeking a rational and better understanding of relationships.

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