Monday, December 14, 2009

The Magic Of Old Man Pouring Rain

A well-written children’s story is one that will capture a child’s imagination and tap into their creativity by using colorful imagery, unique and lively characters, easy to read and understand narrative, and contain non-intrusive important life messages. In her children’s book, ‘The Magic of Old Man Pouring Rain,’ author Janet Davis successfully captures these elements to create a colorful and magical adventure story.

The story begins by introducing an ancient raindrop by the name of Old Man Pouring Rain, who uses a magical potion he has made to create ten new raindrops, each with their own delightful personalities. The purpose of the potion is to “bring life to the raindrops,’ and send them to earth to teach children that “raindrops should not be wished away.” When the raindrops fall to earth, they land in California where they meet a family of children. The raindrops and children then embark on an exciting adventure.

‘The Magic of Old Man Pouring Rain’ is an enchanting and entertaining story that is full of vibrant and colorful characters children will love as well as identify with each of the raindrops distinct personalities. Rich in vivid imagery and symbolism, the adventure stretches the imagination and the marvelous illustrations enhance the reading experience. A unique focus of the story is when Paige, a little girl with leukemia, the raindrops, and the other children and their mother, go to a clinic so that Paige can receive treatment. This part of the story ties in well with the many messages that emerge such as the importance of family and support, being different is something that makes one special, and that instead of wishing something away that seems unpleasant, one can look at it differently to acquire a healthier outlook.

‘The Magic of Old Man Pouring Rain’ is a fun children’s story full of excitement and adventure. An added bonus of purchasing this book for your children is that a portion of the book sales is donated to the Leukemia Research Foundation. I highly recommend ‘The Magic of Old Man Pouring Rain’ as a wonderful children’s adventure that a parent can read to their children or children can enjoy reading on their own.

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