Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Complete Guide to Public Speaking

In his book, ‘A Complete Guide to Public Speaking,’ author, Joseph A. Grippo, presents a step-by step guide on preparing a public presentation in an a effective and professional manner using audio and visual aids. When one plans an event with the purpose of delivering important information intended to inspire creative thought and motivate the audience, a speaker becomes a critical tool to the event’s success. The speaker will stimulate people to look at situations in a new way and bring innovative ideas into the organization. The purpose of Grippo’s book, as he states, is to teach people that “public speaking is an art that can be learned.”

Grippo presents 12 sections that include: I) The Purpose of Information, II) Factors to consider beforehand, (Why one speaks and what you should know about the speaking occasion) III) Research on message retention, (How to hold the audience’s attention) IV) Selecting the topic and organizing the presentation, V) Developing the body of the speech, VI) Developing the introduction and using closing techniques, VII) Rehearsing the presentation, IX) Taking the terror out of making a presentation (Overcoming fear of giving a presentation.) X) The pros and cons of visual presentations. XI General speaking tips for effective presentation and XII) Final Remarks (Positive Reinforcement.)

Within the guide, Grippo manages to filter out any unnecessary information and focus on the “nuts and bolts” of becoming a successful public speaker. It is a comprehensive and easy to follow and understand booklet that touches on all aspects of public speaking. Common mistakes and concerns are highlighted with effective advice on overcoming any hindrances to a successful public speaking event. He provides an account of what makes a good public speaker and how one can achieve that status.

Part of overcoming the fear of public speaking is implementing Grippo’s guide and following through. I think the section on Overcoming Fear may be better suited at the beginning of the book, near the introduction, to demonstrate that the following sections will not only teach the mechanics and craft of public speaking, but also overcoming one’s fears by boosting self-confidence.

‘A Complete Guide To Public Speaking’ is highly recommended to those embarking on a career as a Public Speaker and those who want to maintain and improve their current public speaking skills. It would be particularly useful for those wishing to make business and technical presentations.

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