Sunday, October 04, 2009

Until Now

In her book, ‘Until Now,’ author Denise Skelton, presents a story of two people, each on their own tumultuous journey through life, who cross paths to find themselves, and each other.

Terry Myers is a young single mother of two sons living in Chicago. Terry is struggling financially while dealing with her ex-husband, a deadbeat dad who shirks his responsibilities as he spends his money and time with his new girlfriend and daughter. Due to the unfaithfulness and betrayal by her husband, Terry swears off men until she meets Wade who turns her world upside down.

Wade is an undercover FBI agent working as a teacher in Terry’s son’s school, trying to catch the person selling illegal drugs in the school. Because of his troubled childhood with an abusive father, Wade carries a lot of emotional baggage that has yet to be resolved. His focus on work and living an emotionally inert life becomes unraveled when he meets Terry. He becomes intrigued by Terry’s beauty, drama, and comical behavior. Their lives become intermingled in a series of chaotic events with many twists and turns resulting in comical and emotional predicaments.

‘Until Now’ is a story that is part romance and part overcoming one’s own emotional demons in order to learn to trust and love again. A refreshing part of the story is that it is a romance that involves racial diversity of the characters. As well, Terry and Wade are portrayed as real people with real life problems that readers will identify with such as struggling financially, dealing with a deadbeat ex-spouse, and dealing with childhood abuse. Terry Myers struggles to keep her life together for her children. Because of her difficulties with trusting men, Terry finds herself in a number of comical and awkward situations. Readers will be engaged by how Wade and Terry grow, evolve, and come to terms with their past and present situations.

‘Until Now’ is highly recommended to those who enjoy reading romance stories embroidered in real life problems where the characters are confronted with overwhelming personal challenges.

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