Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lord Skyler and the Earth Defense Force

In his book, ‘Lord Skyler and the Earth Defense Force,’ author Matt T. Schott tells the story about an alien invasion on earth and a group of teenagers who fight to retake the planet from the aliens.

Jacob Skyler is a typical teenager unsure of his future and feels the pressure of a father wanting him to make important life decisions. One night, Jacob and his friends Terry and Doug are driving to a movie when they are suddenly confronted with a series of lights and thunderous rumblings and then lose consciousness. When they wake up, they find that life as they knew it is gone forever. An alien force called the Titans has invaded earth and killed much of the human population and enslaved others to help take all of the earth’s natural resources. Jacob, his friends, and other teenagers are rescued by another alien race, the Flarconeans, who are “galaxy protectors of peaceful societies.” Jacob and the others are taken to the Flarconeans’ home planet where they train for a year to fight the Titans and retake the planet. When they return to earth, they embark on the fight of their lives.

As science fiction, ‘Lord Skyler and the Earth Defense Force,’ is an exciting alien adventure with vividly described aliens, spaceships, and fierce battles. Readers will identify with Jacob Skyler, once an insecure teenager, who undergoes significant character growth as he transitions into manhood. The relationships of the young teens emphasizes a “band of brothers” united against a great evil. A common theme throughout the book is the resilience of the human spirit. As well, the theme of revenge evolves to that of fighting to save humanity. Although Jacob did have a close relationship with one of the female characters, there was no real love plot to the story. A love story would have been an interesting plot as teenagers tend to have budding hormones.

The story reminded me of a blend of the movies’ ‘War of the Worlds,’ and ‘Wolverines.’ ‘Lord Skyler and the Earth Defense Force,’ is highly recommended to readers who enjoy fast-paced science fiction stories with non-stop action and adventure.

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