Friday, July 17, 2009

The Gathering of the Clan: An Independent Political Option for America

For years, many Americans have become disillusioned with the state of the two-part political system that has dominated politics and government for the past 147 years. With this dissatisfaction, there has been a remarkable increase in Americans registering as Independents. In his book, ‘The Gathering of the Clan,’ author Thomas Richard Harry, delves into the important role Independents could play in the future regarding the need for sensible and logical political change.

The foundation of the book builds upon the premise that within the two-party system, the present two parties, the Republican Party and Democratic Party, do not have to be the only choices in a country that is rich in freedom and possibilities. He explains that Independents could provide a vital role of influencing change where there is a sound, rational, and logical set of democratic and capitalistic principles that do not contain polarizing ideologies catering to certain segments of the population. Harry proposes that there is a need “of a remedy to unequal representation.” He proposes Independents “work to bring about balance in society.” Independents can do this by adopting philosophies that “affect a different political outcome.” He states that “government must look for solutions that ought to be in the best interests of at least most of the people, all of the time.”

Harry provides a wealth of information on how the two-party system operates, and how extreme partisanship and extreme ideologies have failed to make government work for most of the people, all of the time. He shows a clear disconnect with the needs of the people and political self-interest. This has resulted in social, political, and economic disarray where a small number of people benefit. He explains the role of Independents and provides a detailed analysis of an Independent philosophy that can help resolve such issues as special interest influences on government, taxes, Social Security, fair wages, poverty, and the working poor.

This innovative, well-researched, and carefully crafted book that reveals a comprehensive and rational outlook on how to change the way government governs. The most refreshing aspect of the book is that it is an honest and logical look at the political system and offers ideas without resorting to extreme right or left social and political ideologies. Readers will gain an in depth insight into the current two-party political system and how an Independent voice does count. The details and assessments presented will turn the dissatisfied voter into a hopeful one. Many of the ideas put forth are well worth discussion and debate. I would have liked to have seen a chapter devoted to the news media’s role in maintaining the status quo and how they prop up the polarizing ideologies of the two parties.

‘The Gathering of the Clan’ is a fascinating and compelling account of the state of politics in America and how one can adopt an Independent philosophy that could affect much needed change by challenging the current duopoly with an Independent political party. It is highly recommended to political enthusiasts and to those who have lost faith in the political system.

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