Sunday, July 26, 2009

Diary of a Mad Gen Y Er

In his novel, ‘Diary of a Mad Gen Y Er,’ author Marcus Dino tells the story of an aspiring actress from Des Moines, Iowa living in Los Angeles, California. Fifi Larouche chronicles her musings, adventures, and humorous observations through unique stories, poems, and blogs, as she works as a waitress while pursuing her dream of becoming a famous Hollywood actress.

Fifi has an extraordinary group of friends such as Biff, her on again off again boyfriend, Alocki and her partner Helos, aliens from another planet called Zatoris, as well as Flifi, Fifi’s fairy alter ego. Fifi has a unique gift of rubbing her shoes together before she sleeps which helps her time travel dream. Her dreams take her back to unique times in history as well as into the future where she meets a number of colorful characters. Alocki is always with her in her dreams where they encounter a variety of people and experiences. Characters in the story are unique, eccentric, and full of life, with each seeming to balance Fifi’s personality, while helping her to understand and make sense of the world around her. Through these characters, Fifi has many entertaining adventures allowing her to provide comical observations on many of society’s ‘hot button’ issues.

Fifi is a free spirit who confronts life in a unique and extraordinary way. Through Fifi’s thoughts and writings, the idiosyncrasies and hypocrisies of the world are revealed in a comical and sometimes serious way. Her reactions are unconventional and provide not only an entertaining assessment of life, but also some serious and thoughtful reflections. As a Gen Y Er, Fifi shares not only comical observations, but also more serious observations such as her father’s opinion that she is wasting her life trying to become an actress, as well as society’s pressures on Gen Y Ers to conform. Through her experiences and relationships with a wide variety of characters, Fifi shares her outlook on such issues as religion, the future of the planet and its resources, and the function of the brain and how it processes information resulting in how we respond by either through emotion or logical reasoning. One fascinating and unique way of looking at the human body is when Fifi travels into the human body where a discussion with Alocki takes places regarding the affects of unhealthy foods and other contaminants on the body.

‘Diary of a Mad Gen Y Er’ is an entertaining and fun read that will engage the reader from start to end. It is highly recommend to readers of all ages who enjoy quirky characters who share a unique and comical perspective on life.

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