Saturday, May 30, 2009

When The Phoenix Rises

In her memoir, ‘When the Phoenix Rises’, author and renowned business woman, Wendy Wong, shares a unique and fascinating life story about her struggle to emerge from a life of poverty in Hong Kong, China, to that of a successful business woman and mother living in Hawaii.

Wendy begins her story as a young girl living in abject poverty in Post World War II China. She shares a childhood of bleak conditions where her father and mother could barely make ends meet. She recalls an incident where she woke in bed one night to feel the bloody fur of a mouse that was dying from poisoning in her bed.

At a very young age, Wendy knew she was meant to rise above her dismal conditions to achieve success both personally and professionally. No matter what challenges confronted her, including the subservient role assigned to women, Wendy never let them defeat her. Her relationship with men, especially with a Hawaii real estate tycoon, is an example of how she converted love into guidance on succeeding in a tough business world. When she changed her name from Cindy (Cinderella) to Wendy, it marked a point in her life where she begins to discover her own sense of self. Throughout out her life, she learns many valuable life lessons which she shares with readers:

“To Chinese, education is not only for academics, but most importantly; it is for moral and social education.”
“…you have to take chances, work diligently, be creative, and listen to your instincts.”
“I am my greatest asset, and I must please myself as much as I please family and friends.”

From her son’s outstanding education path, to providing her developmentally challenged daughter with many resources to help her find her own place of contentment, readers will discover that it is Wendy’s children and their success that keeps her grounded and focused.

Wendy’s determination regarding her education, business ventures, and personal relationships, helped shape a modern day feminist outlook on life. The experiences and accomplishments she shares along with the setbacks, both personally and professionally reveal how her character and moral convictions evolved.

‘When the Phoenix Rises’ is an inspiring journey of how one woman overcame insurmountable odds not only to find herself, but to gracefully embrace motherhood as a working mom. The memoir is highly recommended as an inspirational story of modern day feminism rooted in a strong cultural motif.

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