Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kate, The Ghost Dog: Coping With The Death Of a Pet

In many instances, a child’s first experience with the death of a loved one is when a pet dies. This can be an emotionally overwhelming time for a child who has to deal with new emotions while coming to terms with such a devastating loss. In his children’s book, ‘Kate, The Ghost Dog,’ author Wayne L. Wilson, tells the story of the emotional journey of a young girl’s grieving process after the death of her dog, and her struggle to overcome her heartache and move forward.

Aleta is a fun loving happy young girl full of energy and a passion for life. One day, she returns home after school with two of her best friends to discover that her dog, Kate, had died at the foot of her bed. After Kate’s death, Aleta’s blissful life changes to that of despair. The story that unfolds chronicles Aleta’s struggle with her deep sadness. She goes through the stages of the grief process – shock, denial, anger, despair that includes withdrawing from life, and finally acceptance.

‘Kate, The Ghost Dog’ is a heartwarming children’s story that reveals important life lessons about helping a child cope with the death of a pet. The writing style is clear, consistent, and written as much like a young child thinks and speaks. It is a story that children will be able to easily follow and understand. The questions Aleta asks are common questions that most children will ask. The thoughts and emotional struggles of a young girl’s traumatic loss are depicted in a thoughtful manner. As well, the charming pictures enhance the story and make it even more enjoyable to read.

‘Kate, The Ghost Dog’ is a heartwarming story that will help children overcome their grief after the loss of a pet. It will also help parents learn how to be a valuable support system during their own child’s grieving process. The story will teach children about grieving, how to understand death, and how to celebrate a life instead of mourning a death. I highly recommend ‘Kate, The Ghost Dog’ as a story parents can read with their children or children can read on their own. It will help children learn how to move forward, but not forget their pet.

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