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Thinking Is Authorized! Refreshing Philosophical Perspectives For Real Spiritual Growth

In today’s world, religious debate and scientific exploration are hot button issues for many people. In his book, Thinking Is Authorized!, author Nash Khatri engages readers in a philosophical and reflective discussion on how one obtains real spiritual growth and development.

Khatri explores how we perceive our religious beliefs and explains that real spiritual growth is an ongoing process rather than a point to be reached. Khatri proposes that to achieve real and meaningful spiritual growth, we must open our minds and imaginations to the idea that there is more to time and space than what we can comprehend through our five senses. Using a cognitive approach, he presents a thought-provoking discussion on how to stretch our imaginations to gain a better understanding of how we define ourselves, our beliefs, and rationalize life’s great mysteries. Khatri discusses how we are not only connected to each other, but to the universe and everything it holds. He explains how life is a continuous series of inter-linked events and how we perceive and react to the events determines our future. Regardless of how minor our actions may seem, everything directly or indirectly affects our future. Spiritual development requires configuring our thought processes to accept that discovering truths beyond what we can currently grasp does not diminish one’s faith in a Higher Power.

Khatri makes it clear that his book is not anti religious. It is designed to seek self-awareness and expand our knowledge by broadening our minds to go beyond our senses. For instance, Khatri discusses the notion of lack-of-time-and-space and used it to support his perspectives on the soul, death, afterlife, and God. For a 100 page book, it is filled with informative and philosophical concepts about our thought processes and perceptions, and how overcoming our fears of the unknown are a necessary step to spiritual evolvement. A key message of the book: It is not necessary to accept blind faith as the only way to explain what we have yet to understand. As Khatri states, “Real spiritual advancement requires a broad frame of mind and is conducive to a more tolerant, peaceful, and non-judgmental attitude that is inclined toward uniting people.”

The book is a spiritual journey that imparts cognitive development skills. Spiritual maturity is a journey of raising questions, not finding the easiest answers to life’s unknowns. Another core message imparted: Questioning religious beliefs and ideas will enhance one’s spiritual journey. Because the book is not designed to reveal opinions as absolute truths, some may disagree with the ideas and concepts presented. The book is more centered on what its title states: Thinking is Authorized!

Thinking Is Authorized! is highly recommended to those who enjoy philosophical observations as a method of rational self-reflection, spiritual growth, and religious contemplation.

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Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (September 7, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1434321584
ISBN-13: 978-1434321589
Available: and
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