Friday, January 25, 2008

Wolf & Owl Remember

Today the planet and its species face a myriad of problems that include: global conflicts, famine, global warming, depletion of our natural resources, and the extinction of species. Many people are wondering what the future holds. As we look to create solutions through technological advancement, we often neglect our history. We do not consider the lessons we can learn from the history of various cultures.

Author Antoinette Sarcinella reaches into her Native American Folklore history to create a children’s story presented as an ancient lesson of wisdom to help with today’s world problems. Antoinette draws on her Hunkpapa Lakota and Assiniboine heritage to bring her book, Wolf & Owl Remember, to a level that all cultures can identify with. Kumi, a young boy full of spirit and curiosity, comes across an injured bird. In a compassionate effort to help the bird, Kumi takes it home. The bird recognizes Kumi’s innocent eagerness for knowledge and introduces him to a Wolf and Owl. The animals take Kumi on a mystical journey through space and time where they and other animals share their stories of life.

The stories are rich with symbolism as each animal delivers important messages of harmony, unity, peace, and most importantly, hope. The dialogue is effective in that the animals tell their stories in such a simplistic and charming way that a child would easily understand. The vivid descriptions that entail the use of colors, emotions, and the natural world and its beauty, will inspire a child to tap into their imaginations. The vibrant and artistic illustrations by Joseph Wolves Kills add to the story making it a more engaging and enjoyable read. Readers will feel as though they are traveling with Kumi and the animals, experiencing and understanding their feelings, thoughts, and the principle message that we must not forget that underneath all of our differences, we are all connected to each other as well as the planet.

This is Antoinette’s first book that delves into the myth and folklore genre of depicting the individual uniqueness of animals. She takes a distinctive approach to this genre by applying the messages to today’s problems. I hope there are more books to follow as I see her developing the writing success of such folklore story tellers as Joseph and James Bruchac. I highly recommend Wolf & Owl Remember as an entertaining read that delivers profound wisdom that will not only be enjoyed by children, but adults reading it with them.

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ISBN: 976022699
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