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At the beginning of Claire Jensen’s novel, Coffee, a quote is provided from Christopher Robbins’ book, “The Household Herbal,” containing passages about the medicinal virtues of Coffee. Such phrases include: “gives spirits to the body...” and “wonderfully fortifies and strengthens…” The phrases embody and give meaning to Claire Jensen’s magical romantic tale. In Coffee, forty year old Miranda Browning is a single woman with a past of troubled relationships. While working in her garden in England, she discovers a Genie lamp encased in sticky clay. After finishing in the garden she puts the lamp above the water heater to dry the mud out so that she can clean it in the morning. She is woken by a hideous, screeching racket. She runs the lamp outside to the deck and goes in to make some coffee to calm her noise-shattered nerves. The Genie smells the coffee aroma. At the request of the Genie, Miranda pours a bit of coffee into the spout of the lamp. The Genie is revived and introduces himself as Charles Hudson Witherall. Charles leaves the bottle and becomes Miranda’s loyal companion.

Miranda and Charles embark on a journey of danger, intrigue, and romance. They become entangled in an international crime ring, the kidnapping of one of Miranda’s closest friends, and dangerous confrontations with her ex husband’s drug associates.

Within this magical story, readers will enjoy the trials and tribulations Charles and Miranda encounter. A deep love and respect develop between the two characters. With other colorful characters that include family, friends, and other Genies and their companions, readers will enjoy their love of fine spirits, coffee, and exotic food.

The best way to describe the novel is a magical romance rooted in adventure, intrigue, desire, sensuality, love, respect, and faithful companionship. The focus on exotic aromas and spirits heavily symbolizes the strength and development of Miranda and Charles’ relationship.

The plot of a woman becoming involved with a dashing and handsome genie is a unique approach to the Romance genre. The symbolism of coffee as a rejuvenator and revitalizing agent strongly symbolizes character development through the senses. Descriptions of settings embroiled in sights, sounds, aromas, and taste, are vivid and add to the romance. Not only coffee, but fine wines and food that excite the palate, and the aromas of calming natural fragrances, are an integral mix with the romantic plot. As a fan of magical stories, I would have liked to have seen more of the Genie’s magical abilities. As well, a few areas of the narrative seemed a bit overly detailed.

The story is a charming magical romantic tale of finding love. With such plots as kidnapping, Italian gangsters, and magic of the Genie that includes the use of Ouija boards, the tale is a must read. Coffee is a charming story that Romance fans will love. It is a story to be read while curled up by a fire with a glass of wine. It is highly recommended to readers who enjoy the Romance genre.

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Paperback: 380 pages
Publisher: Lulu Enterprises, UK Ltd (September 28, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1847998542
ISBN-13: 978-1847998545
Available: and
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