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Warriors And Goddesses: First Moon

In his book, Warriors and Goddesses: First Moon, author Jerome Byrd takes readers on an adult science fiction journey of action and adventure. Darius Creed, a financially secure young man with a taste for the simple pleasures in life, is abducted by a beautiful and seductive alien that he meets in a restaurant. He is taken to the strange and mysterious planet, Androgynous Prime. Darius discovers he is in an alien world where basic primal instincts are the key to survival. In this unforgiving world, territories are marked by the divisions between men and women Territories, known as polarized regions, are governed and dominated by warrior men and seductive goddesses The polarized regions governed by woman are inhabited by such tribes as the Women of Knives, Women of Prey, The Sensuals…etc. The regions governed by men are inhabited by Male tribes identified as First, Second, Third…Tribes of Men.

In this alien world, Darius is given the name Darkasan and embarks on a journey which he believes is to find Diemma, a woman he has romantic feelings toward. On this planet, there is no civility, moral conduct, and ethical laws. Primal instincts and behavior supersede rational thought. Lust, seduction, violence, sexual prowess, Free Will, greed, and revenge as justice, are major themes throughout the story. The quest for absolute power is a fundamental plot among the characters.

The story begins with Darius (Darkasan) and his quest to survive the brutal nature of this world, but then branches out to include the stories of a number of brash and intriguing characters as they all journey to a central climatic place known as the Town Meeting. Throughout each character’s dramatic story, readers are taken into a world of brutality, uncontrollable lust, treachery, and remorseless violence. The powerfully described settings of a natural world entwined with unique and colorful alien technology and depictions adds to the story’s intrigue. One noteworthy point is that there is a large period of time between where Darkasan’s journey fades and then reappears. I would have liked to have seen more of Darkasan’s adventures within the story.

Warriors And Goddesses is an excellent addition to the Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction genre. The extremely dark depictions make the book more suited for young adults and fans of Dark Science Fiction. It is an entertaining and exciting read from start to finish.

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Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (November 10, 2006)
ISBN-10: 1419650661
ISBN-13: 978-1419650666
Available: and
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