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In his novella, Spies, author Will Williams gives readers a glimpse of the cold and closely controlled spy world. The protagonist, Phillip Anderson, a loyal and trusting spy working for the Secret Intelligence Agency, lives in two worlds: The life of a spy that is filled with danger and intrigue, and his private life of family and friends. Phillip’s two lives collide with fatal results. He is forced to come to the realization that in order to live, he must choose which world to live in.

The story immediately brings the reader into Phillip’s life-altering dilemma. Phillip is a sympathetic anti-hero caught up in a life he believed to be of no threat to his family.
Coming to terms with his secret life and family life is a fundamental plot of the story.

As a novella, only Phillip’s character and personal development is presented. Because it is a short read, important characters such as the Director of the Spy Agency, Phillip’s family, and his fiancée are not developed. More presentation of these characters and details of Will’s missions with the Secret Intelligence Agency would have allowed for more engaging story lines. As well, more details regarding setting description would have added to the story.

Filled with action and adventure, Spies is a definite must-read. It is an entertaining and page-turning story that can be enjoyed in one sitting. The author clearly has the creativity and skill to write full length thriller novels. I hope to read one in the future.

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ISBN: 978-1-8475-3920-5
Printed: 48 pages
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