Sunday, May 11, 2008

What the Hell is a Liberal?


In today’s world, war, violence, poverty, disease, starvation, and oppression, have become an unspoken accepted reality. These were issues that Liberals once fought to overcome. In his book, What the Hell is a Liberal? author David Truskoff presents a candid look at how liberalism has been successfully minimized by the powerful political “right.” The rich are getting richer. The growing gap between the “haves” and “have nots” is increasing, and our natural resources are being rapidly depleted.

The term “Liberalism,” is defined as equality for all that includes such aspects as engaging diplomacy instead of choosing war to resolve political turmoil, ending poverty, promoting free governments, advocating education and affordable healthcare…etc. Truskoff has been an active participant and witness to Liberal struggles such as the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King. Truskoff provides an in-depth account of the evolution of the relationship of the US with other foreign powers, particularly the US and Israel partnership. As well, he chronicles the influence of powerful lobby groups such as the American Israel Political Action Committee, one of the most powerful lobby groups in Washington.

Delivered as a well-plotted series of essays, Truskoff is able to chronicle how the evolution of the Right has successfully exploited and depicted Liberalism as a negative philosophy to mainstream society. The book is not presented as completely anti right as he notes a number of high profile figures on the left who have abandoned key principles of Liberalism for their own agenda. Truskoff points to Senator Joe Lieberman as one important example of abandoning one’s principles and ethics. He discusses Palestine, without supporting the acts of terrorism, but the apartheid type conditions the citizens of Palestine live in. Fundamental themes that emerge throughout the book are how the greed and indifference of a select elite, with the help of the media, have been able to successfully change the dynamics of the world to everything Dr. Martin Luther King struggled against. That is, there are people in the world that are now considered disposable and military colonization has become an accepted method of resolving conflicts. Survival of the richest is now defined by Military Might.

Truskoff writes with clarity, having witnessed the decline of liberalism and the rise of capitalism without compassion, morality, and ethics. It is a very well researched and well written book that acknowledges this new breed of capitalism that seems unstoppable. Truskoff explains that it is not and writes with hope. He points to our own need to learn from the past so that we can go forward and adopt liberal ideas that seem to have been lost over the years. What The Hell Is A Liberal? is an engaging and compelling read meant to open our eyes to our past, present, and future. Whether you agree or disagree with arguments made in the book, it will definitely make you think and hopefully start a dialogue with others. It is a must read for anyone concerned about the future of humanity.

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Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Sidney T. Black Publishing. (March 31, 2008)
ISBN-10: 1436311772
ISBN-13: 978-1436311779
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