Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Memoirs Of My Grandmother


In Memoirs of my Grandmother, author Lynn Pinkham shares a personal and spiritual story of her Grandmother, Agnes Sevey. For Pinkham, her grandmother, whom she lovingly refers to as Grammy, is one of the most spiritual and profound influences on her life.

Grammy was a deeply spiritual Christian who applied the Word of God to everyday problems. Pinkham’s story evolved from the personal notes and comments Grammy made beside various passages in the Bible. Pinkham is able to integrate the passages by incorporating them into a story on how to live a spiritual and righteous life. The anecdotes and passages are not only designed to help readers embrace the Lord, but to apply spiritual principles and metaphors to the trial and tribulations we face in daily life.

The story is presented in a number of chapters that balance teachings of the Bible with everyday problems. This includes: financial hardships, addictions, mental illness, coping with loss, and finding spiritual solutions to overcome life’s sudden knocks. Such metaphorical anecdotes include our relationship with the natural world, gardening, and cooking, which contrasts and emphasizes our spiritual well being as well as our mental health. Fundamental themes include: accepting and understanding our spiritual connection with the Lord and overcoming such difficulties as doubt and forgiveness. With the quoted Bible passages enhancing each anecdote, Pinkham is able to convey a spiritual healing process that we can all embrace.

One notable story is when Grammy was knitting mittens. She tells young Pinkham: “I am transforming this skein of yarn into something useful and beautiful. It is important that we become like this yarn in the hands of God so that he can transfer us into something useful and beautiful.” The book is filled with wonderful anecdotal stories rooted in strong spiritual messages.

Pinkham depicts Grammy as a peaceful and spiritual woman with a strong Christian faith. Because the stories are so personal, readers will feel as though they are sharing in Grammy’s wisdom. Memoirs of my Grandmother is a must read for those who enjoy spiritual wisdom that can be applied to everyday life. It is highly recommended as not only a compelling memoir, but also as a spiritual self-help guide.

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ISBN: 9781606040102
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