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Today it is common to turn on the news and hear stories about massive layoffs and corporate downsizing. With the increase in living costs and an unpredictable economy, more people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Many people are now considering starting a small business. In his new book, 400 Latest & Greatest Small Business Ideas From Around The World: 2008/2009 Edition, Terry Kyle presents a comprehensive guide for people considering starting a small business as well as those who already have their own business.

Whether it is a full time endeavor or part time project to bring in extra income, readers will find this extensive small business guide to be a valued asset. Kyle delivers an in- depth analysis of starting a small business. The guide is more than a list of the latest and greatest small business ideas. It gives a detailed account to budding entrepreneurs regarding the tools and skills required to make a small business a success. A fundamental message Kyle imparts is that “the key difference between a great idea and a killer small business is action.” That is, you must have the “will” to act.

Kyle provides thorough and constructive tips that will help you chart your own entrepreneurial destiny. He teaches readers how to avoid taking a financial risk, how to minimize costs that include making the most from your advertising budget, minimizing overhead, how to get you idea and message to the public, and strategies on how to work with clients, staff, and creditors. He delivers the best attributes for a successful small business.

The book will give small business owners the tactics to gain a competitive edge. As well, there is an extensive list of 400 of the latest and greatest small business ideas that include the strengths and weaknesses of each. Small business ideas such as the customizable “My Monopoly Game,” are creative, unique, and imaginative. As well as providing simple small business etiquette rules, many inspiring quotes such as “It’s not what you sell that matters. It’s how you sell it,” and “profitability keeps business alive, not mere sales,” will inspire people who are determined to succeed.

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ISBN: 9780955898907
Publisher: (2008)
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