Monday, November 22, 2010

About Time Already

In her novel, ‘About Time Already,’ L.A. Noble tells a mystery and suspense story about a young woman by the name of Jenny Masters who returns to her hometown after nine years to find herself confronting her painful past. As Jenny faces her traumatic childhood memories, she unwittingly becomes entangled in a web of lies, murder, and blackmail, which results in a dangerous journey to uncover an explosive secret.

‘About Time Already,’ takes place during the summer of 2010. Jenny Masters left New Attica, Illinois after graduating from high school in order to escape a traumatic childhood. As a child, Jenny had been sexually abused by local doctor Dr. Samuel Roberts. She was not the only young girl to be preyed upon by the depraved doctor. In 2001, he killed a young girl he got pregnant. Dr. Samuel and his mother Sarah Roberts buried her body in the shed of the family home. From an early age, Jenny’s life had been entangled with the affluent Roberts family. Not only was she sexually abused by Dr. Samuel, but she also had become pregnant by Steve Roberts, Dr. Samuel’s half brother. Cold and calculating Sarah Roberts, the matriarch of the Roberts family, claimed to have had the baby adopted but then the baby died. After nine years living in Blessington, Illinois, Jenny returns to New Attica when she learns that her mother is in a serious car accident. The events that unfold involve murder, kidnappings, blackmail, uncovering dark secrets, and Jenny confronting her painful childhood and those who caused her such emotional harm.

‘About Time Already’ contains a diverse range of unique and colorful characters. Ashley and Heather are the town gossips who constantly watch and gossip about the activities of the other characters. Jenny’s friends, Michelle and Max, have a knack for solving murders and assist Jenny in her efforts to uncover the mystery while trying to make sense of their own relationship. Brothers Michael and Steve Roberts struggle with their own past with Jenny. Depraved Doctor Samuel and his mother Sarah are both scheming characters who will do anything, no matter how wicked, to protect the family name.

‘About Time Already’ is a literary mystery filled with many surprising twists and turns that will keep readers guessing the identity of the murderer right to the end of the story. Through a well-written and well-plotted narrative, readers will find themselves cheering for Jenny as she faces great danger and threats to her life. ‘About Time Already’ is highly recommended to readers who enjoy an entertaining page-turning mystery that keeps them engaged from start to end.

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