Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recaging the Beast, The Yeast-Fungal Connection: The Disease behind Disease

In the 1980s, author Jane Remington developed a systemic yeast infection after taking several courses of antibiotics prescribed after dental surgeries. While looking for a way to eliminate the Candida overgrowth, she found a naturopath by the name of Dr. Sylvia Flesner who put her on a yeast-free diet. Several weeks later, her immune system was restored and she regained her energy and health. In her book, Recaging the Beast, The Yeast-Fungal Connection: The Disease behind Disease, Jane Remington shares her knowledge about how the rise of diseases is directly linked to the overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans. She contends there is a direct relationship between the yeast levels in our body and disease. Each health condition is a different but distinct manifestation of the same etiology or cause–fungus.

Remington explains that Candida albicans is a naturally occurring tiny one celled organism that normally resides in our gastrointestinal tract. When there is a fungal overgrowth that escapes from the gastrointestinal tract, the fungus goes on a rampage throughout the body and wreaks havoc on every system right down to the cellular level. The chemicals released from the yeast are toxic which leaves the body susceptible to a broad range of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and even childhood conditions such as autism. Remington goes into much detail in explaining what yeasts are, their affects on the body and its systems, and the damage that results from the proliferation of yeast throughout he body. She highlights her own experiences working with renowned naturopath, Dr. Sylvia Flesner, and the astonishing results when patients embraced a yeast-free diet. As well, she cites many health studies to support her claims. She provides a detailed guide on adopting a yeast-free diet in order to contain the yeast in the gastrointestinal tract. She also outlines what should be avoided to eliminate yeast overgrowth and prevent future infestation, such as certain foods and beverages, antifungal supplements, antibiotics, and more. As well, Remington takes on the controversial issues surrounding vaccines, antibiotics, and the role Big Pharma plays in treating illness, not curing it.

One of the most impressive features of the book is the research. Remington does not just provide information on the importance of adopting a yeast-free lifestyle, but she has a done an incredible amount of research to support her arguments. She is able to deliver an honest account of where our future is going regarding the food and pharmaceuticals we put in our bodies. The book is a wake-up call about the health of our society and what we as individuals can do to take control of our own health. Remington makes a compelling case supported by studies that show that the yeast-fungal connection is directly linked to most of the disease and health conditions we see today, and that things will only get worse if we do not take control of our own bodies instead of relying on a multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry to treat our illnesses. Recaging The Beast is an easy to understand, comprehensive study of the multiple causes of disease today. The book is highly recommended to readers who want to embrace a healthier lifestyle and combat disease.

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