Saturday, November 13, 2010

We Do Remember You

In his children’s book, ‘We Do Remember You,’ Steve Butler continues the story from his first children’s book, ‘A Letter From Heaven.’ His first book told the story of Jamie, a young boy who learns to understand and grieve the death of his sister, Alexandra, who died before she was born. ‘We Do Remember You’ is a story about how children can still celebrate and commemorate a sibling after he or she has died and gone to heaven.

‘We Do Remember You,’ focuses on the theme of showing children how to find a way to honor and commemorate the death of a sibling in the form of simple rituals that will allow them to stay spiritually close to them. These rituals can be, “simple, elaborate, personal, or cooperative.” The story begins with a group of children gathered in Heaven’s garden that includes: Alexandra, Adam, Tammy, Olivia, Chandler, and John. They are remembering their parents and other family members on earth and how they are remembering them. Each child discusses how their family is remembering them through simple rituals such as lighting a candle, planting a rose bush, creating memory boxes…etc. An essential message of the book to help children understand their sibling’s death is the quote from a poem: “there can be no end, for eternity calls…”

‘We Do Remember You,’ is designed to help children to understand the death of a sibling, that includes pregnancy loss, and how children can still honor and keep the memory of their sibling alive through simple rituals. The personal rituals are a way for them to continue communicating with them although they are physically separated. The book is wonderfully well-written and illustrated and deals with an issue that can be very painful to a child. I appreciate the gentleness in how the story is told and how the story helps children learn that although there is a physical loss, they still have ways to maintain closeness with their sibling. Through a well-written narrative and beautiful illustrations, the messages will be easily understood. At the end of the book there is a list of resources for further assistance in helping a child grieve and understand the loss.

‘We Do Remember You’ is a very uplifting story and is highly recommended for every child dealing with the loss of a sister or brother. Parents can read the story with their children and together discuss the messages of the story and what they can do as a family to honor their memory.

Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services


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