Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Everyday Housewife

In his novel, ‘The Everyday Housewife,’ author Bryan Foreman tells a story about a housewife living in Oklahoma City who travels to New York City to pursue a writing career. In New York City, the once sheltered housewife finds herself immersed in a foreign world filled with intriguing people, adventure, and extraordinary experiences.

Katharine Beaumont has been living a mundane life in Oklahoma City as a housewife with a husband who barely acknowledges her and teenagers who are unappreciative and rude. One day her husband confesses an affair. Katharine decides that it is time for her needs to be fulfilled so she hops on board a Greyhound bus and travels to New York City to pursue a writing career. Katharine becomes involved in the lives of an intriguing and multifaceted cast of characters and ends up embroiled in a world of drugs and murder. As she traverses her new life, she writes a book where the main character is Katharine’s alter ego. In the story, Kitty Everhart is a smart, striking, and seductive British intelligence agent who finds herself shipwrecked on a desert island with 7 other castaways.

Katharine’s three and half month experience in New York City takes her out of the security and comfort of life as a suburban housewife and into a world where she makes astonishing decisions that she once thought were out of her nature. The story is filled with engaging plots full of surprising twists and turns, as well as a cast of offbeat characters. For instance, Bree, an emotionally damaged drug addict in an abusive relationship manages to stay a believer in true love. Joe Milano, a bartender who Katharine develops a relationship with, is involved with the mob and is known as a killer for hire. Joe fills the loveless hole in Katharine’s heart and she sees his more human side.

‘The Everyday Housewife’ is a story that utilizes dark humor in an effective manner which helps to enhance and contrast each character’s unconventional attributes. It is an entertaining and engaging character study that focuses on Katharine’s growth from a mundane housewife to a risk taker with her own independent and unique outlook on life. I highly recommend ‘The Everyday Housewife’ as a fun read that will keep readers satisfyingly engaged from start to end.

Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services


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