Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Healing

In her novel, ‘The Healing’ author Pamela Young tells a story about redemption and healing. At age 54, Michael Thornton’s life has been focused on growing his Seattle-based business, Thornton Industries, into an international multi-million dollar corporation. His insatiable greed and blind ambition have alienated his friends and family. Thornton’s disapproval of his son being gay and his indifference toward his wife of twenty years finally causes her to file for divorce. Now alone, he focuses all his energy on the only thing he has left—Thornton Industries. The unrelenting workload takes a toll on his health and he develops pancreatic cancer. Chemotherapy and recovery distract him from his business for over a year, allowing another company to launch a hostile takeover. Ultimately, Thornton is betrayed by his best friend and his son and loses everything he believed defined him. Devastated, he takes off on a solo voyage to Alaska. His journey is interrupted when his boat is damaged and, while arranging for repairs, he becomes violently ill and passes out. He wakes up to find himself in the home of Maria Clearsky, a Nootka healer, who offers to help him. The healing process forces Thornton to face his past and his greedy and controlling behavior.

‘The Healing’ is a tale of personal transformation and freeing one’s spirit in order to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally. Readers will enjoy following Thornton’s journey to healing as he transforms from a controlling millionaire businessman to a man who loses everything, followed by discovering what it means to truly be wealthy. He works to understand why he is sick and why such past emotions as resentment and anger have depleted him both emotionally and physically, leaving him vulnerable to illness. He learns that mind and body are connected and when one suffers, the other will also suffer. ‘The Healing’ is an engaging tale rich in strong character development complemented by important messages of what it truly means to not only live, but live well. I highly recommend ‘The Healing,’ for readers who enjoy stories where characters fall from grace and struggle to find what is most important in life. It is a compelling “Man vs. Himself” story that will keep readers engaged from start to end.

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