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In his novel, ‘Francesca,’ author Hugh Tetlow tells a mystery romance story about a woman by the name of Francesca living in Oxfordshire, England who suddenly finds her world turned upside down. Francesca struggles to come to terms with a loveless marriage, deal with the seedy underworld of diamond smuggling, and discover new feelings about a new man in her life that causes her to question her previous notions on love, life, happiness, and her future.

Francesca Westmoreland is a young woman in her thirties living in a loveless marriage with her husband Hector for 12 years. It is a marriage of convenience that leaves her feeling empty and unfulfilled. One day, her brother Ned is in a plane crash which leaves him badly injured and in a coma. On her way home from visiting her brother in the hospital, Francesca is in a car accident. She is rescued by Philip Lester who takes her to recuperate at his home where he and his daughter Emma live. Francesca finds herself drawn to their warmth and loving care which causes her to explore feelings she has suppressed for many years. It is not long before she learns that the plane crash may have been the result of sabotage and her brother was carrying contraband diamonds on the plane. When her brother awakens from the coma, he has no memory and is unable to help resolve the diamond mystery. The events that unfold involve Francesca becoming embroiled in a diamond smuggling plot that has the potential to harm not only her, but also her brother.

Told in the first person, readers will enjoy following Francesca’s vivid character development as she reflects on her past relationships that includes her relationship with her brother as a youth and her loveless marriage with an overbearing and coldhearted husband. Francesca’s emotional journey is at the heart of the story and involves struggling to find her sense of self and come to a new understanding of love. She develops from a fragile character to a character that is emotionally stronger and more self-assured. The story is a very sentimental character study entwined in mystery and danger.

‘Francesca’ is an entertaining tale of romance and mystery. It is not just a story of finding true love, but a story of a woman finding herself in the midst of danger and intrigue. I highly recommend ‘Francesca’ to readers who enjoy well written and researched romantic stories with plots that involve suspense and danger.

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