Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fake Sex Real Consequences

In her book ‘Fake Sex Real Consequences,’ Aliceson Henderson provides a spiritual self help guide for young teen girls and young women on developing, through God’s wisdom and love, a sense of integrity, self respect, and self love. The purpose is to make positive life choices when it comes to relationships.

Henderson’s book provides lessons learned from experiences from her own life as a teen and as a young woman. She shares deeply personal experiences to help others understand how external influences impacted her self esteem and thinking which ultimately influenced her own choices. She faced overwhelming odds as a young woman, sacrificing everything for her children. She details how she believed that sex was supposed to be the way to a young man’s heart, believing what they said which led to betrayal, pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and thoughts of suicide.

A predominant message in the book is the need for women to love themselves before they give themselves emotionally and physically to another. She discusses fake sex and the fake orgasm. She explains that fake sex is the addiction to needing to feel loved. For a woman, the physical becomes the emotional which leads to bad choices and devastating consequences. She talks about soul ties. A soul tie is a connection to our heart and to God. When our soul becomes tied to someone instead of tied to God’s love, we lose our connection to God, and then lose ourselves.

Henderson discusses that she had kids but never enjoyed the process of having kids. Much of the reasoning behind the lack of enjoyment of sex is because it was “unsure sex.” She says that, “no sex is better than unsure sex.” Women need to set standards and personal values about sex despite the pressure society puts on them to have sex. She explains that unsure sex leads to low self esteem and feeling worthless which makes it is easy for a man to capture a woman’s mind and manipulate her. An important message of the book: “never let anyone define who you are.”

A nice part about the book is that the Pastor takes her own life experiences as well as experiences of others and shares them with readers. As with many religious books, social issues are discussed. Homosexuality is briefly touched upon. She appears to view homosexuality as a sin so it will be up to the reader to agree or disagree. ‘Fake Sex Real Consequences,’ is well worth reading and highly recommended as it provides a heartfelt understanding of such problematic societal issues as domestic violence, spread of sexual transmitted diseases among women, and teen pregnancies, as well helpful spiritual teachings.

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