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Courage To Stand: Stories of Young Strength and Triumph in Adversity


In Courage to Stand: Stories of Young Strength and Triumph in Adversity, author Elisa Brinton presents three young adult historical fiction stories. Each tale takes place during the mid 1800’s in what is now America. In the story, The High Cost of Unity: The Scourge that is War, Brinton takes readers back to the Civil War Era where a fifteen year old girl fakes her own disappearance so that she can disguise herself as a eighteen year old boy in order to enlist in the Union army. In Traitor to My Blood, readers are taken back to early Native American History where a young girl from the Crow nation is captured by the Cheyenne and rescued by a Sioux warrior. In Answer the Call, Brinton goes back to 1844 where Mormons in America are seeking sanctuary from religious persecution. A young girl and her family make a treacherous voyage from England to America to make a new life while following the Mormon faith.

Although fiction, all three stories become immersed in the historical period. In most cases, historical figures and settings are interwoven within the fictional tale to present an introspective series of themes. One significant theme that emerges is the strength and courage of young women in eras where discrimination and oppression were predominant. The protagonists of each story embody a deep inner strength and independence in situations where hopelessness is overwhelming. Each story touches on other significant issues such as the romantic ideal of war and conflict often overshadows the atrocities and inhumanities that accompany it. Although the stories detail overwhelming adversity, themes of love, faith, and hope, overpower the suffering and provide each woman with a new strength and understanding of humanity.

As historical fiction, the settings are vividly described in great detail. As the author points out in the forward to the story, Traitor to my Blood, there was less research available so there may be some inconsistencies in regards to Native American customs. For instance, the issue of “scalping” was mentioned. Although historians note cases of scalping in early Native American history, it was not as predominant as many now often depict when writing about early Native Americans.

As historical fiction, Courage to Stand is a compelling and well written series of stories. The many plots and themes will inspire reflection regarding current conflicts taking place around the world. For the most part, it is a well researched book that will be enjoyed by readers who appreciate historical fiction rooted in young heroines confronting and overcoming enormous adversity.

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