Friday, January 09, 2009

Susie Isaacs', White Knight, Black Nights


In her novel, White Knight, Black Nights, author and World Series of Poker Ladies Champion, Susie Isaacs, tells the story of one woman’s journey of survival and self discovery.

In White Knight, Black Nights, Isaacs chronicles a tale of two families that span the years 1935-1995. The story begins by focusing on The Sommers, a wealthy family from North Carolina, and The Johnsons, a middle class family from Nashville, Tennessee. An in-depth historical account of both families sets the stage for the two protagonists, Rachel Lee Johnson and Dalton Sommers, to meet. The plot focuses on the main protagonist, Rachel Lee, and her life as a single mother. As well, an account of Dalton Sommers and the struggles he faces with a dominating, fanatically religious mother who is the fundamental influence in his life. Struggling to break free of his mother’s control, Dalton chooses a life that goes against her personal beliefs and wishes. One night he meets Rachel Lee while she is working at a Bar and the two begin an intense seduction and relationship. From that point on, Rachel Lee and Dalton eventually marry and begin a life of accumulating wealth and prosperity. They eventually find themselves living the good life in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Unbeknownst to Rachel Lee, Dalton’s life begins to unravel as he becomes caught up in an unmanageable and wild lifestyle. As Dalton drifts away from Rachel, she becomes involved in the world of poker and begins a career as a writer of stories about people involved in poker. Dalton’s life takes a different turn as he loses himself in high risk endeavors.

The story is a tale of romance, adventure, love, betrayal, loss, and rebirth. Readers will be engaged and root for Rachel Lee as she comes to terms with her marriage, her life, and her future. Readers will also feel for Rachel’s dedication to her husband and the overwhelming heartache she endures. With a host of unique and compelling characters, the narrative is very descriptive and compelling; with many poignant themes developing which tap into the self-reliant spirit within all of us.

With many surprising twists and turns, White Knight, Black Nights is a well written story that effectively draws on life skills and poker skills to unravel an inspirational story of one woman’s survival.

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