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We live in a society where there is a belief that to be happy one must achieve career and material success. In his book, The Big Lie, author Stan Sanderson asserts that “the problem is that it doesn’t work. It never has, and it never will. And the reason that it doesn’t work is that happiness is not the by-product of the acquisition of anything. We already have it! Our Creator endowed us with perfect joy, happiness, and freedom in the beginning, which we have somehow forgotten.”

In The Big Lie, Sanderson introduces readers to the Spiritual Coach Program, which teaches that true happiness can only be experienced through discovering who you really are, and developing a personal relationship with the God of your understanding.

Using universal spiritual themes rather that religious doctrine or theory, Sanderson outlines and explains his seven concepts and seven strategies that integrate material success with spiritual awareness. Concepts include: acknowledging the Big Lie and debunking it; embracing the God Thing in ones life; benefits of the Power Shift; recognizing undesirable behavior patterns through the Renovation Process; finding forgiveness in the Release Factor; and discovering the joy of living the 200 Percent Life (100 percent material and a 100 percent spiritual).

Sanderson explains how the seven strategies are used to help personalize the concepts. Strategies include: knowing yourself; defining your God; delegating authority, taking personal inventory; implementing forgiveness; techniques for prayer and meditation; and developing inner-peace and the knowing-feeling of security.

In a lifetime of spiritual study that includes transcendental meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and the continued practice of A Course in Miracles, Sanderson clearly and successfully presents a step-by-step spiritual guide to discovering sustainable joy, happiness, and freedom in each and every moment of each and every day. The Spiritual Coach Program provides a number applications and concepts that one can implement on their spiritual journey. It is an easy to understand program that all readers will find enlightening and motivating. As well, Sanderson invites readers to continue and enhance their spiritual journey by registering at to receive his free Coach’s Weekly Message by email.

For readers who are at a crossroads in life, or are searching for true happiness, The Big Lie is a must have. In a world where embracing religious doctrine is seen by many as having moved away from the spiritual to the political and militant, The Big Lie will bring readers back to their spiritual roots and as Sanderson states: “allow them to live as God intended in the beginning.” It is highly recommended to readers of all faiths and backgrounds.

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