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The Sinking of Noah's Ark

As a young child, Noah King rejected the simplistic life, and aspired to flee the small Maine fishing village of Walden's Cove. Enjoying the company of books rather than people, he planned for a life that he spent so many hours reading about. On the day Noah was supposed to watch over his younger brother Aidan, he horrifically witnesses Aidan die in an automobile accident.

On the day of Aidan's death, Noah deals with his guilt and pain by rejecting his mother and father's spiritual and simple way of life. He becomes an atheist. His longing to seek a life dedicated to the physical takes him to University.

During Noah's stay at University, he faces another tragedy - the death of his father. On the way home to comfort his mother, Noah is in a car accident. He wakes to find himself in the unknown reality he previously believed did not exist. He is forced to reexamine his earlier perceptions of life. In an ominous courtroom, Noah faces a Prosecutor and jury where he must justify the continuation of human existence. The Sinking of Noah's Ark takes readers on a philosophical journey that discusses the evolution of humanity, in the spiritual and biological sense. Free Will is an important theme highlighted in the book.

Although the evolution of organised religion and its roots are discussed, THE SINKING OF NOAH'S ARK is not a religious story, but a work that analyses the human condition.

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Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: Publishing (September 2002)
ISBN: 1589392191
Available: and
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